New (old) phones

One of the problems I had at the maker faire was that people wanted to try different games, but enabling them all at once caused problems.  I’m working on a software solution to mitigate some of those problems, but my wife suggested that next year I can have more than one phone available to use.

So I’ve gotten several more old phones to turn into GruePhones, and they can each run a different game. Two will be based on old Deco-tel “chest”phones, sometimes called spy-phones…

… because they’re hidden in a box.  Open one and it looks like this:

This one is push-button, but I also have a rotary one (in slightly better shape even).

So that’s two, but I also have one (maybe two with all the parts I got) of these babies:

I’m thinking that the push buttons on this one can be used to save different games…. and I think I can make them even more interesting.

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