The Phone

Classic Dutch phone.

An old (really old) phone from Holland.
I got this off ebay, and was feeling a little bad for gutting it, except, A) nobody else bid on it and B) it doesn’t actually work (I don’t know if this is because it’s old, broken, or incompatible with the US phone system, but I couldn’t hear much above some crackles and pops).  Update on 2016-08-01: It plays audio fine.

I didn’t use this in GruePhone 1.0 because the handset is a little larger than the standard, and doesn’t quite fit into the modem cups in the TTY/TDD,

One of the interesting features of this phone is the little white button labeled PTT.

I would normally think that this stands for Push to Talk, but I doubt that it’s the same in Dutch, and have never seen a phone that required a PTT button.  There was a large capacitor inside also labeled PTT, and I was thinking it might have served the same function as the old crank on the side of phones…To alert the switchboard, but then why does it have a dial

Duh, this was an office phone, and that was the button the boss pushed to page his secretary.  The capacitor stored energy to power the intercom function.  I’m planning on using it for a button press on the arduino, either as a reset or some more subtle input.

A reader pointed out that the phone company in Holland had the initials of PTT, and that’s likely the meaning of the button. I have no idea what it’s for, but I’ll likely find a use for it.

Read about the whole teardown here.

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