Brains too small, make bigger…

I supposed I should have figured this out earlier, but there just isn’t enough SRAM for the zip interpreter to run the Zork I story file.   It is trying to malloc() approximately 30KB of ram for various data structures, and the poor little Arduino Mega only has 8.   It might be possible to implement an interpreter from scratch that could get away with using program space (128K or 256K, depending on the model) for static data, and make better use of the SRAM (8K) and eeprom (4K) spaces, but that doesn’t seem likely before the Maker Faire, so I’ve decided to switch tracks.

The main game will run on a FitPC, (a small computer that can be easily embedded), and will talk to the trusty Arduino Pro to interface with the phone hardware, while simultaneously using the modem to talk to the TDD.

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