New Phone….

The second phone I acquired for the project

Straight outta the 70's (click to embiggenify)

While the original phone I bought for this project is uber-cool, the fact remains that it’s not quite period appropriate to the time when Zork was at its peak (1977-1983).   So a little time wandering though the world’s biggest bazaar showed me an alternative.  It came labeled as “No Sound from ringer, works okay” in grease pencil on the side.  I didn’t care if it rings, since I’m going to gut it anyway, but it’s a little piece of the 70’s, and it’s ALL MINE!


The guts of the second phone

(click to get a big juicy image)


I started by doing what I do to almost anything that comes into the house, I opened it up and took it apart to see how it works…


Second phone after being gutted

<click to gigantify>











… and then ripped the guts out.





Strangely, this  also had a clear cover over the dial mechanism:

Dial mechanism of the second phone.

(Click to see too much detail)



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