Ears and Mouth have arrived…

The key to making this project work is allowing it to communicate with the old TDD.  To do that, I’ve managed to acquire a couple of TDD modems, specifically designed to talk to TDDs.   The Intellimodem can even do Baudot, which the TDD does (at 45.5 baud[*]).

The modem and all the stuff that came with it.

It comes with all the accessories, except a manual.

More after the break

This didn’t come with a manual, but luckily it is still available, and the manual can be downloaded from the manufacturer.   Unfortunately, I can’t seem to locate a working serial port.  The one of my linux desktop isn’t working for some unknown reason, and I can’t find the USB<->Serial dongle I use for my laptop. :-/

[*] To put 45.5 baud in perspective, the original picture of the modem is 1.8 megabytes and it takes about 5 seconds to download on a modern DSL connection., but at 45.5 baud it would take nearly 4 days.   That’s why I don’t care if the game comes out as one long stream, since you can read faster than it scrolls.. even a moderately good typist can type faster than this can transmit.

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