Extracting guts from the tele-coupler

In order to interface the modem with the telephone, I bought a simple device called a tele-coupler.   It is used when only have a phone that doesn’t have a standard jack, or is a digital phone line.  It actually straps to a telephone handset and accoustically couples the phone and modem together… wonderfully old-school, but it doesn’t exactly look like an old school handset however.

Click to embiggen

The solution is to rip the guts out so I can stuff them in a phone.  First rule of disassembling stuff, look for hidden screws under labels:

If I'd remembered this, it would have saved me 20 minutes

Extracting the speaker and microphone from their little rubber enclosures involved making gentle cuts with an exacto knife:

Cut *very* gently

Now I've just got to hide this somewhere

Anyway, after extracting the guts, I’m just documenting the connections:

  • J2 – Battery clip
  • J3 – Phone cord
  • J4 – Speaker
  • J5 – Mic

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