Demo of a short game

The first real demo of the phone so far

This is the first demo of the phone more-of-less complete.  You can see a video over at my facebook page.  Apologies for those who don’t use facebook, but the raw video is too big for wordpress to handle.

After the demo, I decided that it was time to tear the phone apart and try interfacing with the phone hardware.  Below you see roughly how the parts fit together inside the phone.

The guts of the phone

There isn’t a lot of room in there to maneuver, but I managed to get the switches for the hook (the bar in the back) and the PTT button (the leaf switch in the center) hooked up for XIO-P6 and XIO-P7 respectively.  It looks like:

The wires for the hook switch and the PTT button.

It ain’t pretty, and the wires don’t stay in very well, but once it’s all wedged into the phone, it works reasonably well.

My first pass at having the code react to these switches is pretty crude, but I have an idea of how to improve it.

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